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Pomos para muebles auxiliares / Knobs for auxiliary furniture

January 30, 2013

piston_handle_tirador_muebles_viefe_3Piston de Viefe® es un pomo cilíndrico con forma de pistón formado por un cono central blanco o negro envuelto por un aro de níquel cepillado. La simplicidad de su forma y sus dimensiones reducidas permiten ubicarlo en todo tipo de mobiliario, especialmente en muebles auxiliaries de uso frecuente como mesitas o pequeños armarios.
Pertenece a la línea Zamak+Acrílico Mod. 0009

Piston from Viefe® is a cylindrical knob in the shape of a piston made up of a central cone in black or white surrounded by a ring in brushed nickel. The simplicity of its shape and its reduced dimensions means it is suitable for all types of furniture, especially auxiliary furniture that is used frequently as small tables or cabinets.
Belonging to the Zamak and Acrylic line. Mod. 0009

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