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Tiradores integrados en los muebles / Handles integrated as part of the furniture

April 11, 2012

Los tiradores integrados en los muebles son tendencia por su imagen y por su comodidad. Han sido pensados para adaptarse con la mayor discreción posible a los diseños de cada mueble. Pasan casi desapercibidos y al mismo tiempo suman un plus de estilo. El modelo Nest de Viefe® es un buen ejemplo: la simplicidad de sus formas se adapta a la superficie lisa de puertas y cajones fusionándose con ellos como si fuesen un mismo elemento.

Handles integrated as part of the furniture are a current trend due to their image and for their comfort. The thought process behind their creation is that they can be adapted to each piece of furniture design, but with maximum possible discretion. They go almost unnoticed, yet at the same time add extra style. The Nest model from Viefe® is a great example of this: the simplicity of its shape adapts to the smooth surface of doors and drawers, creating an amalgamation as if they were one and the same element.

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